Alaska 737 MAX Confirmed!

Hello, IFC,
I went to a spotting location where I can see the Boeing Factory and I saw the first ever Alaska Airlines 737 MAX ! It is in construction and it will do a test flight as soon as the MAX are Un-Grounded.

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More info HERE

Thank You!


Look at those wingtips!


The first to post a real pic.

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Oh, that’s nice :)

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As soon as it releases and the max comes into IF, who would be down to do a inaugural flight sea-jfk?
Great picture btw


It was supposed to fly it’s first commercial flight this month, but because of groundings it was delayed. Test flights and all that can still happen despite the groundings 😊




I love the wingtips of a max😄👍🏽

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Given that we have two GA aircraft, the A350, and the 777 in the pipes, I’d say you have a while…

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Should’ve just expanded the A320neo fleet.


Important to note this order was made before they acquired Virgin America…

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But they still have the aircraft in their fleet, I think they should start converting to all airbus. But I also am a big airbus kid.

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They have almost twice as many 737s right now, so if there going to convert all one way Boeing makes a lot more sense cost wise. But they wolnt go all one way. They’re going to stay mixed…


Why would they expand their A320 fleet? To be honest, since they are an American company they should buy American planes. Hopefully one day I will fly thr Max on Alaska


Since they’re an independent company they should chose the better aircraft :)


That’s not how it always works

Examples, look at Ryanair, they fly only 737s and are very successful. They are European but don’t fly airbus aircraft.

Also look at Spirit, Jetblue and Frontier who are very successful with Airbus planes

Even American Airlines has a very large number of airbus aircraft!

It’s about what aircraft will better work for that airline, not necessarily the country


Do I got news for you.

They are still technically flying American planes as the a320 for all American airlines and the american aviation market are all manufactured in America. The a320 and a220 for the American market are created at the airbus mobile assembly site located in mobile, Alabama.


I’m no expert but I do not think he means where they are manufactured

I’m just pointing out that even though they are airbus aircraft, they are technically American planes as they’re built in America.


When the process of this specific aircraft resumes, I’m sure the finished product will look very cool and good looking considering the Alaska livery is a nice looking livery just in general in my opinion.