Alaska 737-900ER (More to Love)

Alaska 737-900ER (More to love)


Photo Credits: Mark Durbin

With the confirmed addition of Split Scimitar winglets to Infinite Flight, I feel like this livery would wear them exceptionally well. I also believe that since there aren’t a large amount of 737-900ER operators world wide, it should be appropriate to have a special livery or two.

Alaska has a total of 73, 737-900ER’s in their fleet which they operate on a variety of short and medium haul routes. You’d most likely see this aircraft departing or arriving at one of Alaska’s hubs which include KSEA, PANC, KPDX, or KLAX.

About the aircraft

Seating Capacity: 176

Range: 2,720nm

Length: 138ft 2in

Max Cruising Altitude: FL410

Final Thoughts
I believe that this will be a great addition to IF. This unique and vibrant livery will for sure draw many people to it, bring in many new 737 lovers.

Got to give a vote out here. Also awesome for getting the other closed and doing it the right way

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Ahh, N493AS. I want to fly on her sometime in the future.

Love to have this livery in Infinite Flight! :D

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Christ almighty, I have never seen such a beautiful livery!

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Let’s make sure this amazing livery makes it’s way into IF!

Have to vote. Absolutely love this livery!

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Bumping this


This livery certainly got my vote and I’m extremely picky with my votes. Such a gorgeous aircraft and I definitely would love to see it in infinite!


Voted, Would love to see this added.

The 737s definitely need some love and attention in the game.

I can see this in the future because of the orange pride livery

Let’s make this happen!

Watch this comes with the mini B737 rework?! :O

hmm XD one can only hope

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More to Love livery confirmed!


Yaassssss… Hopefully the updated livery comes with it is well. But I cursed with joy when I saw this video


This is confirmed!



I can’t believe this livery is actually coming 😃

@Dillon_Lewis would be thrilled

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It’s confirmed :)

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This livery is fire I will defiantly fly it

@Dillon_Lewis, your feature request has been confirmed! :D

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