Alaska 737-900 SFO-PDX


I flew this route earlier today— the whole west coast has some nice scenery.

Flight Details
  • Departure time: somewhere around 4:00 PDT
  • Flight time: about 1:15
  • Runways: KSFO runway 1R to KPDX runway 10R
  • Cruise: M0.78 @ FL360
  • SID/STAR: TRUNKN2 with transition GRTFL and TMBRS2 with transition MACHU
  • Approach: ILS 10R, but had to change a couple of waypoints that didn’t make sense.

At the gate, waiting for the ground crew to connect the air bridge.

“V1 … rotate” (or roh-tah-tae if you’ve ever watched Swiss 001) Don’t worry, I didn’t go 104% N1— I used up more runway than it looks.

Climbing away! Nice view of the bay for passengers seated on the left.

Is that swamp or just some dark brown grass/plants?

Cruising over the mountains.

Rolling out on final after a breathtaking turn turn over Oregon’s forests.

Starting down the glideslope. (Sorry if you can’t see the runway. The pixel ratios don’t seem to be working out while writing this.)

Somewhat smooth landing, but the crosswind screwed me up a bit. Wasn’t quite level and as soon as one wheel came down the plane yawed towards the direction of travel and the rest came crashing down. At least the centerline alignment wasn’t as bad as I thought…


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On another note, anyone notice that Infinite Flight built in fuel burn estimates are wayyy off? I forgot to use @AndrewWu’s topic and packed more than double the fuel I needed, including reserves. Tailwind component was only 25 kts, not 450 kts (which would have cut travel time in half). Not to mention takeoff fuel.