Alaska 737-900, add Split Scimitars

via Alaska Airlines

This feature request is for the addition of the split scimitar winglet on the current in-game Alaska Air 737-900.

Split Scimitar technology is estimated to enhance efficiency by up to 2%.

I just feel like this should be included on the aircraft since it looks out of place for the time period we are in.

ps I couldn’t find another topic for this? Redirect to thread if found.

It’s already in the game lol

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I believe the topic is about the older livery, pre-2016 livery.

I do like the idea of adding splits to it too, almost all of Alaska Airlines 737 aircraft have splits and it would be great to get it on their liveries.


Ohhh okay that makes sense

The old livery -900 doesn’t have split scimitars only the 2016 livery.

Hey, yes, you are right about the answer. I have my picture of the plane for the Alaska Airlines livery logo 2016. It has received Split Scimitar Winglets with Boeing 737-900 (N317AS) Non-ER arriving at the gate N Terminal, SeaTac Airport (KSEA/SEA). Last on Tuesday, August 30, 2022. 8:48 am.