Alaska 737 800 (new livery)

Hello ifc
I just thougt that since alaska is retiring there airbus aircraft that we should have the boeing 737 800 in the new livery cause i pearsonally just think it looks better and that it is really colorful and brighter and also i would also like to have the split scimitars on it as well.

Credit: jetphotos

How do i make the picture visible

You have to right click and copy the image, then paste it into the window

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Okay thanks

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Looks like you got it!

Thank you so much

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No worries!

Hey, your topic and who is give your own or the credit photo from the plane.

Feature: “Give credit to the owners of any photo you use. You must do this by citing the owners name and also provide a link to the photos original location”

Thank you. It has a been good days!

Hey @Evan_Isom ! Sorry to tell you but this is a duplicate! Please countinue here

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Sorry i searched it but didnt see anything😔

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Sorry mate, it happens

Well on the bright side i learned to post pics

Im gonna make a #screenshots-and-videos topic