Alaron problem

Every time I try and lift off or try and re. Calibrate the yoke it will won’t move I deleted the app I tried to tweak the control settings then I defaulted the settings and tried it again still did not work I really need help cause I want to fly and I also tried and to reset the app nothing worked

iPhone 8 ios 17.1

Have you restarted your device?

Yes nothing is working 😢

Try resetting your control defaults then restart your device immediately after. That usually works when I have this issue

When you go to SETTINGS → Controls → MOTION (tab), can you see the amber bars for Roll and Pitch move when you move your device?

If not, do you have an API CONTROLLER tab at the top?
If so, are Roll and Pitch assigned to a contol?

If so, delete those assignments.
Roll and Pitch should now move on the MOTION tab.

It’s fixed thanks

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