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Good morning folks, today I was doing a flight from Anchorage to Denver in the United Boeing 737-900, I set the timer for 4 hours from 12:57 AM. The alarm was supposed to go off on time for my start of TOD. Then when I heard the alarm, it was 4:59 AM and I am 47 nm away from Denver airport. So I had to turn around and descend which is not a perfect flight. Flying at FL370 and then so close to my destination airport to where I will overshoot is not cool because I am an expert server pilot and I like to fly it realistically because I know how to control the aircraft the realistic way as the way real life pilots control the aircraft. And for this alarm to not go off on time, it makes me feel irritated over this due to the lack of time that I had to descend. I want to do a perfect descent so my flight can run smooth because turning around to descend just because you are about to overshoot is not realistic and no real pilots in an airplane cockpit does that as it will offend the passengers. Another thing was my flight from London to Chicago with the American Airlines Flight 47 on the Boeing 787-9. I was cruising and I set the timer for 8 hours. Yesterday morning at 7:00 AM, the alarm did not go off and I felt so frustrating that I would’ve been far away past my destination, like in the Pacific Ocean. Luckily, I was 45 nm away from my destination and had to turn around and descend to land in Chicago O’Hare airport. Again, that does not look like a realistic flight. That looks like a nasty flight for a grade 5, professional, realistic pilot do that. No real life Pilot would do that because that will serve as you are wasting fuel, and not following your flight and also meaning that just in case an airport is active, you can face a level 3 violation for not following instructions. For the alarm to not go off and have to turn around and descend, it makes me fly like a troll and like I’m a Casual server pilot and I can’t fly like that. I have been playing infinite Flight for five years from the day I did not know how to takeoff, climb, and land perfectly to the day that I am operating an aircraft realistically. So for this reason, I would like to bring these two things up to you so you can give me a suggestion of how I can be able to start my TOD on time to where I don’t have to turn around and descend. Thank You!


I would set my alarm for 15-30 minutes before my estimated TOD.


Did you have your sound activated? That happens to me sometimes when I wake up.


Are you taking into account other variables such as winds aloft and weights along your route when setting the alarm or are you just eyeballing the flight time? Your Estimated arrival times / TOD time can change quite drastically during the course of a flight


I would set my alarm to 30 minutes because of prepare to land

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I would also set multiple alarms on multiple devices if you have them.

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Yes I did, I had it set to Sencha and yesterday morning as I was doing a flight from London, the alarm did not go off, meaning I did not hear the alarm. It was 7:00 AM to where I woke up and I had to turn around and descend the plane as I was 45 nm away.

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I just check the time of TOD and set the timer so I can wake up on time and descend so I can land

Next time, I try to do that so that I never have to turn around and descend because that’s not realistic

I tend to have my alarm set around an hour before the end of my expected flight time. I generally have 3 initial alarms either 5 or 10 minutes apart, then usually have another 30 minutes to an hour later. Reason being 3 to make me up, in case I go back to sleep after the first one and just to check I’m waking up. The later alarm is in case I fall back asleep, so I’ll wake up at least before I crash or receive any violations. At this point you’ll generally be just on your first circle over the airport… or passing.

Usually the first alarm is all I need to wake me up, and i hate alarms. But I even more hate violations with a deep passion 😂


Infinite Flight Wake-Up Alarm!

Use this

How are you calculating flight time so you know when TOD is? It could just be that you’re a little faster or slower, or the winds are a little different than planned. Regardless, just set it 15 minutes before and you’ll be fine.


My guess was wind was not accounted for, you most likely had a strong tailwind that got you to your destination faster than anticipated

Well, I did not hear the alarm go off at all.

Raise the volume, it’s on you if you don’t hear an alarm. That’s a problem with your ears, not a problem with IF.

Were you sure your device was not on vibration mode?

Check this out. It would help.

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