Alarm (For Pilots)

I was flying to London today when I went down for dinner. I came back up and I was about 75 nautical miles past Heathrow. I know this was partially due to my incredible ability to forget simple tasks, but I think an alarm would help. Nothing to extravagant, just a simple reminder like the one ATC uses. It could be set at a waypoint or an airport perhaps.

Use ETE, and set your own about 20mins before you are due (at cruise speed). Siri works for this, you don’t have to exit the app.


They sell kitchen timers at the grocery store or dollar store.


Winds can be unpredictable though, and variables like that could throw off the ETE.


C’mon guys, its a legitimate question. ATC has a reminder feature so why not for pilots? I kind of like the idea of it. Yes it is not used in real life but it could help. I would prefer to keep it to time based and not mileage.

You look at the ETE, it says 3 hours, set alarm for 2:30 from now. Simple.


Hey! I answered with a legitimate answer. 😅 Trying to save people some money and the devs the work from having to implement this.


True. I mean its not like our devices don’t have a timer function…


Welp, I feel stupidly embarrassed…

On thing, what type of device do you have? I might have a solution.

What the important concept of this is that you set an alarms for a location (waypoint) instead of time. When you reach somewhere, say the TOD, then an alarm will go off. This couple be extremely useful.


Dont feel embarrassed, we have all had ideas that dont go right on the forum, i have had a few myself. Not every topic is a winner. My worst was probably “the ability to turn off the replay button”. Safe landings!


@A_Plane_Guy I actually agree on your suggestion. It would be nice to have such a reminder in whatever way built into the sim; I think it would be really helpful indeed :)


75 miles past EGLL? I thought our plane would enter a holding pattern if LNAV was active and we went past our Dest. Can anybody verify this? I would do it but i’m currently cruising at FL320 :)

Nope, but I made a request for that exact feature.


Don’t worry man we are all on the same boat i see where your coming from

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Get amazon echo, that’s what I use for a simple timer to put on just voice activated. But yeah I guess, but if you had your sound off and didn’t realise :/

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This is needed, however I don’t know if it’s worth a vote when we have more important stuff that needs to be added. Sorry. is not unpredictable though

1 Like doesn’t say the exact speed of the winds on the map. And it’s a forecast, so rarely it might be wrong.

Good idea, i’ll vote!! PS, I read too fast and missed all the points you mentioned xD doing stuff too =p