Alarm for exceeding 250kts under 10,000ft

I hope this is the right place to post this! I think it would be beneficial to everyone to have a fail safe alarm if for some reason you accidentally over speed. Not to annoy people but sometimes there are situations where something happens and its likely to get a violation…no one likes vios, but they happen, what better way to keep folks in the air and not grounded?! I would say after the alarm has sounded for 30 seconds and no response, a violation occurs… think about the benefits?.. just a thought!


Hi, it appears that is a #features request. In order post in #features you have to TL2 or higher. Keep liking posts and you’ll get there.


I’m totally 100% in for these requests. It would be a huge benefit to me personally but Infinite Flight as a whole.

See These two topics and leave a vote if you wish:


As well, you already made a different topic topic, seen here:

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I’ll also repost this… (With a few quick links for you) ;)

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Thank you! Ill keep liking!!!

I thought it was the wrong place to post it, so i made another…it wouldn’t let me create a topic… my bad!

I kinda want something to allow the pilots to do High speed climb and descent.
Maybe ATC can give us clearance?!?!

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If you are descending then set 11000ft on ur AP when you are away or afk, problem solved 🤷🏻‍♂️

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This is a duplicate of your post from earlier today which is also a duplicate of existing feature requests linked above. Please vote on the existing requests.