Alarm Clocks

General Question, do alarms sound during a flight? And what happens to IF during the alarm?

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What do you mean? Like alarms on your phone? IF used to freeze during alarms on my iPhone but that has since been resolved.

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iOS 13.1.2.

yes, phone alarms

Wat about phone calls too?

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I have an I-Phone 8, the alarm goes off as normal and does not effect the game, even during long hauls. Phone calls are deadly @Crcoli737


Depending on the length, if it’s over a minute, IF shuts down

Phone alarms used to cause the app to freeze which would be really frustrating but that doesn’t happen anymore. Same applies for phone calls. It will just pause the app.

For me, alarms mute IF and I have to restart it to have sound again.

On my S9+ I try not to come out of the sim while flying. Phone calls usually make me loose the connection to servers (lucky I don’t receive many) but messages from messenger are fine as are alarms.
I find the chances of loosing a connection is higher if I have IFA or IFO running and I come out the app.

So I think anything that doesn’t require you to come out the app should be fine. That’s my opinion anyway ;)
Best not come out the app if you’re doing a flight. Not worth the risk. :)

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