Alarm Clock and Violations

I was performing a long haul in the Chicago region last week. My alarms are set for work throughout the day. I was nearing the edge of the map and my alarm went off. During that time I shut my alarm off and checked the flight, which was set on A/P @12,000FT @ 320KTS. A few minutes later I went to turn South and realized the alarm clock had locked up IF. I shut the application down only to re-open Live + to 6 Violations. Scenery doesn’t move like it does at 2,000FT. I didn’t realize the terrain had stopped since the sound of the aircraft kept playing.

Can a dev please help me understand why my alarm clocks froze IF? IOS10 on iPhone 6S+


I may not be a doctor but, my diagnosis for the reason you got violations: You left your device unattended.


Hmmmm so sitting at my desk with my phone by my side checking every minute constitutes for leaving it unattended? If you’re flying at a high altitude with no turbulence in the cockpit view and the phone freezes but the sound continues to play, how am I supposed to know it has become unresponsive immediately? It takes a matter of seconds for violations to occur.

This isn’t the first time this issue has been reported, or the first I have encountered it.

Sorry buddy, it was unattended. It was a software glitch…

Thanks for you support though Doc

Look. Next time, you need to include more information in your post if that was the case. From what you said in the original post, it was lacking the clear and concise explanation as to what your problem is. Sorry bud, but a violation is a violation. 😉

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I never leave a flight unattended. This was simply a glitch that stopped the display, yet allowed IF to operate and allow the plane to leave the region and stall (from what I can gather). All looked normal until I noticed I could not change heading nor calibrate when I picked it up. I then shut IF down and came back to 6 new violations without any explanation.

Sorry if I explained it poorly.

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