Al Maha Airways Airbus A320

This is a feature request


Well they will get repainted to QR livery

Al Maha will not operate?

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Is it just me, or there tail logo and engine logo looks very similar to Qatar airway’s logo? :)

Anyway, apart from that, nice plane (Get it :D) livery! I like it! 8/10

EDIT: Forget what I said in line 1 hahaha, thank you @buzzlightyear


They are a division of QR. @Captain_Dan

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Oh right!! Didn’t know that :)

First time I realize that Qatar Airways logo is an Oryx.

Is an oryx, not a goat. They are similar but not the same animal. The oryx is the national animal of Qatar.

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The logo doesn’t make it very clear.

Yeah, I thought it was a goat too, even It looks like an antelope for me.


Middle East edition of Cathay Pacific and Cathay Dragon 😂

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Green Qatar cool

The green looks weird but cool at the same time!

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