Al Haynes Captian of United 232 has died

Al Haynes the Captain of United 232 has died in a seattle hospital, the cause was not made public. United 233 was a DC-10 which lost it’s tail engine explosively after a fan blade separated, cutting off all hydraulic power, the crew managed to land on Soux Falls using only throttle differentials. More than half of passngers survived, a feat that has yet to be repeated.


Wow, may he rest in peace…

A true hero.


He actually never liked being called this, he always said it was a team effort very humble guy, but I have to agree, he is.

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This is really sad, he (and the rest of the flight crew) did such an amazing job handling that aircraft. May he rest in peace

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May he Rest In Peace
Along with the crew and a passenger who worked with United (if I can remember right) they did their best to land safely, but still I feel it were not for them, I think i lot more people would have lot their lives

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I watched the flight channel and a documentary fir this crash, truly amazing. If you look at tgevaetical it says that no group of pilots could replicate this in simulators

No matter how much he did not like being caled a hero, without him there could have been a lot more deaths

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