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Hello all! This is my atc tracking thread. I will be open every now and then to get my skills super sharp for my practical test (written passed), please do drop by!


Please keep a lookout for future openings! - Previous opening details can be seen below.

Airport: EGJJ

Server: Training

Runway/s: 08

Frequencies: Tower

Time: (1 hour) 16:45 - 17:45 ZULU (18/04)

Flight ideas: Pattern work is great in a light/mid-sized aircraft here, or if you want to do a flight from some of the surrounding islands into/ out of Jersey, feel free! EGJB is the closest and EGJA (10/20min flight time to Jersey in a Cub/ Cessna) is also another great option. Alternatively pick one of the many French airfields along the French coast! Expect great seaside views and sunsets! Please do pop by:)

I can come.

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@al_col no ground?

why you don’t take it?

oh usually there is no ground at Jersey, I didn’t actually realise there was one on IF, there isn’t in real life!

ok but since there is one in IF I think it’s better to take it because ground is also important in training 😉

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absolutely ;) I’ll know for next time!

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Tag me next time you open

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will do! :)

feedback | YU-KII

general mistakes

- missing pattern entry:

after the transition, I said inbound for touch and go but I only received a clearance, in this case you should give a pattern entry, with sequence (if needed (that mean when there is more than 1 plane on the pattern)) and then the clearance.

So for this time, I should have received: “YU-KII, enter right downwind runway 08” and then the clearance

- missing sequence:

when the plane in on the pattern and he have to follow the other one like flair 4X was when I was on final, you should give him a sequence so in this case:
“flair 4X, number 2, traffic to follow is on final”

and same for me right after

- no hand off:
you should give the frequency change before the pilot request (not a big mistake)

- a bit late exit command:

This command is usually given at 90-60kts, no need to wait I’m at 30 (not a big mistake too)

I think I said all baf points, now let’s see good ones

Good feedback

  • all clearance was good

  • the transition alt was good

Thanks for reading my feedback, hope you understand and do it better next time @al_col 😉

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Thank you very much for all of that feedback! A lot of it is getting used to where all the commands are, sometimes get a bit lost in all the endless options!

Thank you for dropping by, appreciate it :)

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Thank you to everyone who dropped by, will try and open up a few more airports in the coming days!

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