AKC group ATC [CLOSED] [less active with school starting]

I had busy ground very busy hard to control TS1 ground

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Just realised something… Hey its alright… I know that getting busy really isn’t helping your situation. The best you can do is to take your time. Keep learning to work under pressure and stress and continue watching tutorials man! Not bad as some others in recent years, and you are pretty set, gooduck! regards, Ryan

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Wellington Tower & Ground CLOSED. Cheers for all those city hopping.


Auckland is still open, I’m only taking takeoff’s on 23L

23L should be closed 13 knot winds

Fine, I should be closed anyway

Just because TS1 guys might be confused

Honastly, 90% of planes didn’t have an issue landing or taking off on said runway, soo, i’m closed at Auckland, and I think thats everyone closed

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Bugger, I was just about to depart for Dubai with you active. Next time. 🙂

I suggest putting the ICAO of the airport in the title since there are lot’s of airports in New Zealand! :)

It’s like that for when were doing multiple airport :)

I will change it thanks :)

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NZCH is now closed thanks for great turnout and 95% traffic expert server level skill wise so thanks.

That is it for AKC atc team thanks for turnout

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Tommorow should be Australia, I think we should specialise on the east coast that day. Like Mackay, Sunshine Coast, Cairns, Gladstone

Okay then we will do that

Someone’s a bit biased towards Queensland huh?


Live in SouthEast Queensland Australia

  • YBBN
  • YBCG
  • YBSU
  • YBWW

Id also like to state, that we are not a VO, we’re just doing this for fun. If you have a complaint, take it up with Sam, hes the one who approved this

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If not one of your locations has ground or tower you should specifize closed

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I am now open YSSY , other atc may join

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Could I also be added to the ACK ATC controllers group?