AKC group ATC [CLOSED] [less active with school starting]

AKC atc group will provide high quality TS1 atc to multiple airports near each other at the same time. This allows grade 2 and grade 1 to experience a full flight of atc guaranteed.

We will not have a schedule we will just open and 3 or 4 airports in a 500NM radius of the airport will be open for roughly 1-2 hours. We will add [live] to title when we are active and show which frequencies. We are a Australia and New Zealand based group so we will often be active there.

Live airports

Our members are @Matthew_Harrison , @anon31652286, @Callum_Brayshaw @Qantas737guy, @Connor_Seymour, @Jaquille_Ajb @Oli_H, @AndrewRG10, @aussie.spotter and @Jacob_Sim

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Looks good! I look forward to opening soon!

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Let’s pump out ATC to all the Aussie (and 🥝) Airports!

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We are now live in New Zealand

I’m still active at NZWN along with NZAA and NZQN, so come on down and have fun

@Matthew_Harrison there is no need to send someone on a 360 when they are on the downwind just say #2 aircraft to follow on final and I will know to follow the aircraft on final or just say extend downwind

Ok, change of plan, Welligtion is closed, did it for an hour, surpised at my self

This was because I was not sure TS1 member would do this…

Just to be sure spacing

I was disappointed by the lack of confidence. You had 4 aircrafts inbound and you couldn’t give us pattern instructions?

Yeah I will work on pattern work sorry

NZWN - Wellington - Tower and Ground active.

Hi, strongly suggest you view the IF ATC tutorials playlist to improve your controlling for next time. @Matthew_Harrison See link below:


Yeah probably need to work on pattern work

Along with the rest of it… 😉


I’m currently open at NZQN

I was not that bad common

What CS-Aus I believe is trying to tell you is, be more aware of different things you send and the surroundings. For example, when you open up an airport and you have at least less then 3 aircrafts inbound, you don’t need to announce pattern work unavailable since Im going to fly the pattern anyway (since its that session). I get your new to this and I appreciate you taking your effort to control

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It’s hard to tell with TS1 users If they mean pattern work sometimes they just request it every takeoff

That’s why I say sometime pattern work not available.

Maybe I will only do that for obvious nubes next time

@Matthew_Harrison is just learning guys. Take it easy.

I wasn’t even bad I just did not give them the specific pattern instructions I did not need to give.

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