Aisle or Window Seat

Hi guys, what are your thoughts about the two and which one is your favourite? 🌿


Window seat cuz I like the view and I can capture the TO/LDG :D

Window obviously… It’s like choosing between Ryanair and Emirates.

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Virtual windows


I’m an AvGeek. I’ll take the window any day over the aisle! Need that wing or engine view!


I got one:

Row to myself.


Ah well, row to myself+window is the ultimate unbeatable combo.

I usually fly in Aisle coz family, but sometimes window

Window for short-haul flights, aisle for ling haul flights


I always ask for the window, and I always try to check in 24h prior so I can choose my seat for free. If I got the middle or aisle seat for some reason, I always ask the person next to me if they’re willing to switch with me.

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My dad does the same, every time he wants a seat. He gets Priority Waitlist (thanks to the QF Platinum Status) for business and for economy he chooses a seat for the family and it’s usually guaranteed. They give the Platinum frequent flyers the first preferred seats.

Aisle all the way

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Window is definitely my favorite. I used to prefer the aisle.

The only downside to the window is climbing over your fellow passengers to use the bathroom, but if you’re a gentleman/gentlelady about it, it’s totally fine.

Besides, who could refuse a view like this?

Photo credit to yours truly :)


Can I just complain about the middle seat? It’s so sad… No window, no easy access to leave your seat…

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I like the Alaska wing

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Yeah I agree, but i’m in a family of 4 so I kinda have to @Tsumia


Me too 😍

I say, window 100%. Plus, you can record takeoff and landing.

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Yeah, that’s true, but when I fly in business I don’t really need to worry about being stuck in the middle

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Perks of being the only child

2 Adults and you. Just perfect.


I used to travel with 5 an older sister but she’s grown up so she doesn’t rlly travel with the fam anymore

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