Airwork (TOLL) Boeing 737-300F

New Zealand operated aircraft carrying cargo around the Oceania area (mainly the east coast of Australia).

Also check out the larger variant


Where can i pay the “Tolls”

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Lol, not really in the sky. Unless there are runways floating in the air… These cargo liveries are just awesome!

I know you like Australian stuff but please dont spam the #features category with these lame requests (IMO). You know this already.

2 topics are enough per day.

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So what that you have not posted for a week? Does it mean that you can post 14 requests today?

Posting in #features isnt a hobby or a daily to-do. Guys like you are spamming this now-not-so-interesting category with requests of hardly known airlines.

Do you ever realise that everything Australian under the sun cannot be added? *sighs*

People need to contribute something better than spamming with feature requests…


Oh sorry for that. I have seen so much of Australian requests/content from you, that my brain automatically assumed it was some Australian related request…

So you have started with NZ requests now, eh?

Happy Spamming!

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What did I see… [quote=“dush19, post:8, topic:49702”]
Happy Spamming!

OMG, anyway, the argue won’t work out, just simply like it : )

You better delete that to avoid any other arguing or inappropriate conversation, just saying : )

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Cargo looks very big when they dont have windows :o

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Beauti livery🇳🇿🇦🇺, the meaning of tail in German🇩🇪 are Great , Fantastic & Super. The say anything… 🤓😜

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