Airways on the nav map. Will they come back again?

Dear IF Team,
Great “new sim” ! It’s hard to focus on actual flying of the aircraft with all that looking around and enjoying the new look&feel. :-) Fantastic

I noticed that a few things have changed in the control interfaces. I am missing the airways. Will they come back eventually?

Buttons have become much smaller. … very small.

Also something you might want to consider reviewing again:. The control buttons for the map (zoom, center, settings) are now on the right. They were on the left before and much easier to reach with the left thumb.

Don’t take it as complaint, but as as constructive feedback please.
Cheers and thanks for the great product
(Hope i chose the right category …)


Yeah, I do miss the AirWays. Help’s looking for fixes alot easier.

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Don’t quote me as i dont want to spread false info…

but believe they have said they will be coming back at a later time.

Hello and thanks for the kind words! We’ll most definitely look at bringing this back in time. Many things were done with performance in mind. We appreciate your feedback!

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