Airways Magazine's Readership Fly-Out #1 @ EGCC-BIKF - 211900ZFEB20

Gate 7 if possible please!

Assigned! Thanks again!

Could I have any gate? Thanks in advance.

Will add you now! Thanks!

Hi, can I get gate 15?

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Assigned to you!

Hey there can I get 208?


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Hi can I get gate 8?

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Gate assigned! Thank you!

Assigned! Thank you!

I’ll be attending:)

Excellent, will assign you a gate now!

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Check your gate assignments nearer to the event!

Hello. May I get gate 28 for the event?

Of course! Ill add it now!

Gate 31 Puhsback 19: 20

I’ll take Gate 1 Please and thank you

Sold! Thanks for joining!

Would love to participate - may I reserve a gate for EXECJET01
Looking forward to it!

Added! Thanks for signing up!!