Airways Magazine COVID-19 Fundraiser: Seattle (KSEA) to Victorville (KVCV) 031930ZAPR20

Come and join all of us at the Airways Magazine team as we commence a virtual storage flight down to Victorville from Seattle-Tacoma International Airport on Friday April 3rd. Flights will begin to pushback from 1930Z as we take part in this flight extravaganza!

Pilots will have the opportunity to choose from flights with American, United, Delta, Southwest, Frontier or Spirit as we bring the unneeded aircraft down to Victorville while we wait for this pandemic to calm down.

Charity - click here to read more about who we are raising the money for and what sort of targets we are aiming for.


There are 74 sign-ups available for this event. For every person that signs up, I will donate £0.50 to a JustGiving page set-up which will head to the British Red Cross who are one of many charities helping in the global COVID-19 pandemic. To enter, state which flight number you would like and the aircraft you are looking to fly on the day. If we get all 74 slots filled, then I will donate an extra £10 to the cause, bringing the total to nearly £50!

Other donations are welcome. You can donate via this link:

Event Information - check out information here regarding the event, including links to charts at KSEA and KVCV!

Departure Airport: Seattle-Tacoma International Airport (SEA/KSEA)
Arrival Airport: Victorville Airport (VCV/KVCV)
Date and Time: 2020-04-03T19:30:00Z
Airline: American, United, Delta, Southwest, Frontier or Spirit.
Aircraft: ANY
KSEA Charts:
KVCV Charts:
Server: Expert Server

Gate Assignments - If you wish to sign up to the event, then reply below with the flight number you want to go for, and what aircraft you will be operating that flight with.
Concourse A: American Airlines - 6 left
Flight Number T/Gate Destination City Airport Aircraft PB Time IFC Pilot
AA9001 Concourse A Gate A1 Victorville KVCV ANY 19:30Z @AvGeekJames
AA9002 Concourse A Gate A2 Victorville KVCV ANY 19:32Z @oneworldqatar
AA9003 Concourse A Gate A3 Victorville KVCV ANY 19:34Z @KoG_Splinter
AA9004 Concourse A Gate A4 Victorville KVCV B77W 19:36Z @Zak_Plant
AA9005 Concourse A Gate A5 Victorville KVCV ANY 19:38Z @JarrettFlies
AA9006 Concourse A Gate A6 Victorville KVCV A321 19:40Z @Branstar_247
AA9007 Concourse A Gate A7 Victorville KVCV B763 19:42Z @Rick_Wilson
AA9008 Concourse A Gate A8 Victorville KVCV ANY 19:44Z
AA9009 Concourse A Gate A9 Victorville KVCV ANY 19:46Z
AA9010 Concourse A Gate A10 Victorville KVCV ANY 19:48Z
AA9011 Concourse A Gate A11 Victorville KVCV ANY 19:50Z
AA9012 Concourse A Gate A12 Victorville KVCV ANY 19:52Z
AA9013 Concourse A Gate A13 Victorville KVCV ANY 19:54Z
AA9014 Concourse A Gate A14 Victorville KVCV ANY 19:56Z
Concourse B: United Airlines - 10 left
Flight Number T/Gate Destination City Airport Aircraft PB Time IFC Pilot
UA9015 Concourse B Gate B1 Victorville KVCV ANY 19:30Z @sergio_campero
UA9016 Concourse B Gate B3 Victorville KVCV ANY 19:32Z @United2
UVAL266 Concourse B Gate B4 Victorville KVCV ANY 19:34Z
UA9018 Concourse B Gate B5 Victorville KVCV ANY 19:36Z
UA9019 Concourse B Gate B6 Victorville KVCV ANY 19:38Z
UA9020 Concourse B Gate B7 Victorville KVCV ANY 19:40Z
UA9021 Concourse B Gate B8 Victorville KVCV ANY 19:42Z @CaptainZac
UA9022 Concourse B Gate B9 Victorville KVCV ANY 19:44Z
UA9023 Concourse B Gate B10 Victorville KVCV ANY 19:46Z
UA9024 Concourse B Gate B11 Victorville KVCV ANY 19:48Z
UA9025 Concourse B Gate B12 Victorville KVCV ANY 19:50Z
UA9026 Concourse B Gate B14 Victorville KVCV ANY 19:52Z
UA9027 Concourse B Gate B15 Victorville KVCV ANY 19:54Z
Concourse C: Delta Air Lines - 6 left
Flight Number T/Gate Destination City Airport Aircraft PB Time IFC Pilot
DL9028 Concourse C Gate C2 Victorville KVCV A330 19:30Z @Thunderbolt
DL9029 Concourse C Gate C3 Victorville KVCV A320 19:32Z @james122001
DL9030 Concourse C Gate C4 Victorville KVCV ANY 19:34Z @Garrett_Crerar
DL9031 Concourse C Gate C6 Victorville KVCV A321 19:36Z @Alexander13
DL9032 Concourse C Gate C8 Victorville KVCV E170 19:38Z @KGJT-9149
DL9033 Concourse C Gate C9 Victorville KVCV A321 19:40Z @liltrapphone
DL9034 Concourse C Gate C10 Victorville KVCV B712 19:42Z @C_hawk
DL9035 Concourse C Gate C11 Victorville KVCV ANY 19:44Z @yoshi_flyer
DL9036 Concourse C Gate C12 Victorville KVCV ANY 19:46Z
DL9037 Concourse C Gate C15 Victorville KVCV ANY 19:48Z @RileyBozina
DL9038 Concourse C Gate C17 Victorville KVCV ANY 19:50Z
DL9039 Concourse C Gate C18 Victorville KVCV ANY 19:52Z
DL9040 Concourse C Gate C20 Victorville KVCV ANY 19:54Z
Concourse D: Southwest Airlines - 8 left
Flight Number T/Gate Destination City Airport Aircraft PB Time IFC Pilot
WN9041 Concourse D Gate D1 Victorville KVCV ANY 19:30Z @GameBoy_KIRB
WN9042 Concourse D Gate D2 Victorville KVCV ANY 19:32Z @Jr_Merritt
WN9043 Concourse D Gate D3 Victorville KVCV ANY 19:34Z @146flyer
WN9044 Concourse D Gate D4 Victorville KVCV ANY 19:36Z
WN9045 Concourse D Gate D5 Victorville KVCV ANY 19:38Z
WN9046 Concourse D Gate D7 Victorville KVCV ANY 19:40Z
WN9047 Concourse D Gate D8 Victorville KVCV ANY 19:42Z
WN9048 Concourse D Gate D9 Victorville KVCV ANY 19:44Z
WN9049 Concourse D Gate D10 Victorville KVCV ANY 19:46Z
WN9050 Concourse D Gate D11 Victorville KVCV ANY 19:48Z @Esteban_L
North Satellite: Frontier Airlines - 10 left
Flight Number T/Gate Destination City Airport Aircraft PB Time IFC Pilot
F99051 North Satellite Gate N1 Victorville KVCV ANY 19:30Z @Islanderpilot123
F99052 North Satellite Gate N2 Victorville KVCV ANY 19:32Z
F99053 North Satellite Gate N3 Victorville KVCV ANY 19:34Z
F99054 North Satellite Gate N4 Victorville KVCV ANY 19:36Z
F99055 North Satellite Gate N6 Victorville KVCV ANY 19:38Z
F99056 North Satellite Gate N7 Victorville KVCV ANY 19:40Z
F99057 North Satellite Gate N8 Victorville KVCV ANY 19:42Z
F99058 North Satellite Gate N9 Victorville KVCV ANY 19:44Z
F99059 North Satellite Gate N10 Victorville KVCV ANY 19:46Z
F99060 North Satellite Gate N11 Victorville KVCV ANY 19:48Z
F99061 North Satellite Gate N12A Victorville KVCV ANY 19:50Z
South Satellite: Spirit Airlines - 7 left
Flight Number T/Gate Destination City Airport Aircraft PB Time IFC Pilot
NK9062 South Satellite Gate S1 Victorville KVCV ANY 19:30Z @NathanD
NK9063 South Satellite Gate S2 Victorville KVCV ANY 19:32Z
NK9064 South Satellite Gate S3 Victorville KVCV ANY 19:34Z
NK9065 South Satellite Gate S4 Victorville KVCV ANY 19:36Z
NK9066 South Satellite Gate S5 Victorville KVCV ANY 19:38Z
NK9067 South Satellite Gate S6 Victorville KVCV ANY 19:40Z
NK9068 South Satellite Gate S7 Victorville KVCV ANY 19:42Z
NK9069 South Satellite Gate S8 Victorville KVCV ANY 19:44Z
Misc Airlines - 4 left
Flight Number T/Gate Destination City Airport Aircraft PB Time IFC Pilot
N001NI South Satellite Gate S9 Victorville KVCV A333 19:46Z @JulietTango
AC313 South Satellite Gate S10 Victorville KVCV B789 19:48Z @Pajd02
ANY South Satellite Gate S11 Victorville KVCV ANY 19:50Z
ANY South Satellite Gate S12 Victorville KVCV ANY 19:52Z
ANY South Satellite Gate S15 Victorville KVCV ANY 19:54Z

Thanks to everyone for signing up and see you next Friday!


I’ll take North Satellite N1 with an A320. Will we be assigned an arrival gate as well?

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What y’all are doing is amazing. Thanks for being great, this is what the IFC is about.

I’ll take a Delta A330 please.


Sold! I will look into arrival gates nearer to the event!

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We appreciate the support! Ill add you now!

can i take gate d1

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Of course!

ill take a gate mate

Ill sign you up now, thanks!

@MishaCamp any chance of giving this some love? ;-)

Six days to go! Let’s see how many more signups we can get!

Just a note, if you can’t make the event, but wish to donate, then you can do so by following this link: You can donate here:

I’ll join. Let me see what gate I want

Sure thing, let me know which you would like.

I’ll take United Airlines 737-800 please. Concourse B

Sold! Thanks so much!

We have a variety of concourses on offer.

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Ok. I’ll let you know later today

Cool thanks!

Hi, I’ll jump on bored with you, I’ll take Flight number AA9006 with an A321 @gate A6