Airway Question

Hi everyone!

I noticed the past few days/nights that the airways over the Atlantic Ocean are switching it’s position! Like I don’t see Track Z over the atlantic anymore! And Track A was moved north!

Did anyone else notice this?


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Yes I did notice this. Its in line with IRL. For example Track Z is only available during the evenings/overnight in Europe.

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Oh wow! I didn’t know that!

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Yes, because most airlines want to fly eastbound during the UTC night, and wetbound during the UTC daytime, the tracks change direction. Track A is for westbound so is used in the daylight. Track Z is for eastbound so is used in UTC evening. They are updated by Shanwick Oceanic Control and
Gander Oceanic Control to make use of the jet stream. The jet stream is a passage of very strong winds that blow eastbound. So, on Eastbound flights, the track uses the wind as a tailwind. On westbound flights try to avoid the, what would be, a headwind to keep up the speed. That’s why Eastbound flights are typically a bit shorter.


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