Airway maps

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Simple question, is there a website or something that can show me the Airways in an area?

I know there’s website that give me a flight plan, but sometimes they simply don’t have a flight plan for the route I want to fly.

I wanna start being more realistic with my flight plans.

Thank you!


Go to that website then click “Enroute H-10”. That should show you all airways in the US, but I’m not sure about the rest of the world.

Also, if you want to be more realistic with your flight plans, here’s a suggestion.

Commercial: Look up your route on Google, for example, JFK-LAX. Just search that, and it should give flights on that have flown that route. From there you can copy the flight plan under “route” and insert it into IF.

General: Use and plan your flight. It gives you real life routes to use. :)


That’s what I normally use, simbriefs.

Every now and then I’ve found a route no one has done yet, this meaning I have to create my own.

The problem with is that it doesn’t show the routes of certain flights. In the US the coverage is good tho.

Thanks for the above links dude.


High Level Enrout Chart

@ColinS…MaxSez: The ideal solution to your request by passing the the complex Route Planning App are Standard Nav Charts. The best for your requirement is the World Aeronautical Chart (WAC) Series which grafically displays Airways, fixes, aerodromes, NavAids etc, unfortunately some WAC’s for remote regions are no longer published; There replacement; For IFR operations are; the Hi/Low Level (FL180 +/-) Enroute Series. There Like the WAC but at a higher scale ,they display similar data. Note: There are similar VFR Enroute if your a GA or Flat Hat’er

Search Google or Wiki for a basic understanding of there formats and how to use. Then determine sources for both free and commercial sources like (cost) Jeppson’s, The Pilots Shop or Free, Web Search by Geo Area. Hope this is helpful. Regards


Thank you Max! Knew about them but not what they’re called.

I have an idea on how to understand them, but I guess it’ll be good to make sure.

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I feel. This is something that you’re not going to see come anytime soon. We’ve got so many issues already. And many cant even read an airway map.

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I was easier to at least follow an airway before global, but I understand why they took out the airway overlay from the map.

Hopefully it returns soon, with more detail this time.

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@ColinS. MaxSez: Colin. The Charts May appear complex but there simple to use. The Chart Legion has a symbology explaination and how to orient and use in the margin. I’ve used them for years as a basic pre-Flight planning tool for orientation and hazard to flight En-Route.

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how does one insert the route to IF…do we manually enter the way-points or is there any other way ?

No need to enter it manually, there is thankfully a much, much simpler way…copy paste! :)
On the same device that you are playing IF on, copy the flight plan from whichever source you are using (Simbrief, Flightaware), then open IF, and once you have spawned, in the place where you search for waypoints on te map, just hold and select paste, and done! Now, there are a couple waypoints that are maybe not in IF, and instead it will give a different waypoint, which is way off course. Just see which waypoint it is, and manually remove it.


Ahhhh, I’m gonna have to make a separate topic, because there is lots to explain about that certain issue.

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@Luke_Around…MaxSez: Contact @Brandon_Sandstrom by PM. He’s the Duty Expert. Am sure he’ll be pleased to asssist and steer you in the correct direction. Regards

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Actually I am hosting these in my WEB Site:

Go to the Airlines map, select a country and then select the “Airways” link

If there is a country missing let me know and I will post it :)

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