AirTransat pilots arrested on suspicion of being too drunk to take Glasgow-Toronto flight

I’m really surprised that the pilots were even allowed to go through security of the airport before the cabin crew reported them to the police. Imagine if these pilots were allowed to fly and something bad happened?



Some people just have no common sense. The pilots knew that they had a flight to do, and instead of acting responsibly, they got drunk…Shame on them.


Saw this in the morning, quite terrible really


It’s bad but maybe flying is easier when drunk.



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What a shame to disrespect your own profession and your personal image, that’s because I’ll never drink a single drop of any alcoholic beverage in general.


Not a single drop? You’re missing out man.

Not always easy to tell if someone is drunk.

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Denzel Washington saved people’s lives when there was a rudder failure and he was drunk.


True very true, but it was fiction, not real :)

I know. I was just kidding :)

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Most airlines operate a 8 or even 12hr bottle to throttle rule. For every UNIT of alcohol you have to allow at least 1 hr to get out of your system. A typical pint of beer in the UK is 3 units so 3 hours min. But a true proffesional will know this and maybe only have a couple of drinks on a layover. Friend of mine is a skipper with BA and never drinks when he is away from base.

Perhaps it was picked up by security who alerted the police to meet the crew at the gate? But maybe picked up by other crew members? The limit for a pilot is so low it would be hard to pick up unless you know the signs.

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