AirTran 737-700
Expert Server
EFT: 1hr


Nice to see liveries not usually used getting some love!


I miss this classic. Airtran will forver be in my heart. 💙


Finally, AirTran is getting some love! Great shots!

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I lived at and visited KMCO many many times back in the day. I absolutely loved seeing the AirTran “a” tails. I’ve had the opportunity to fly them a couple times. One of my most favorite airlines!

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Absolutely! I just so happened to see the livery while planning a quick flight and when I saw AirTran, a whole flood of memories came back and I just had to!

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That’s pretty cool! My dad lived in Ohio and he remembers when AirTran used to fly to Akron.

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I’ve only ever flown Continental before they merged with United. That’s really the only memory of an old airline that’s now gone that I have. An old memory of a still standing airline you could say was that I flew on American’s MD80 backing during I’d say my 5th-ish grade year.

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