AirTran Jet Connect CRJ-200

And… I dont see your point.

A. We dont have a AirTran Jet Connect Aircraft
B. Different Aircraft (We have 2 B712’s).
C. The more the merrier


I think it’s a great livery that we should add after the CRJ rework!

What destinations did they serve?

Not KISP… :/

Check in the Wiki: (Says them all there)

I think this would look very good, especially since we only have ONE livery for the CRJ-200. Once I find out how to remove votes, I’ll vote for this!

Rework has been confirmed for the CRJ Family.

(Dont Bump it)


I looooooved AirTran when it existed. It was all I flew. They were absolutely amazing.

That being said, this is hideous… haha. I would rep it fo sho, because AirTran will always be my #1, but GOD this is ugly. The AirTran livery fit the 717 and 737 beautifully, but this is gross 😂

Anyway, I’d fly it!

Love it, remember seeing these in ATL back in the day.

That doesn’t make any sense? I guess we can’t have any American Eagle CRJs since there’s already a ton of AA planes in the game…smh

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Ok. I get your point. I just wasn’t entirely sure about it, but it is a nice livery, so I’m supporting it!


All good man! Hope this makes it!

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Thanks for the support! :)

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No problem man, freaking love this airline.

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Looks quite sharp imo! Sadly out of vote though 😪😢

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It’s okay! Thanks for the support! :)

Is this livery still being considered? You have my vote! Definitely does represent a whole lot of aviation.

This is still up for grabs by FDS! Thanks for the support!

I would love this livery on the -200 you have my vote all we need is the delta -200 to match it!!!


How about here? Sorry if it is off topic. :) I did vote though.

I voted for this because this will be the only other real AirTran jet that will be new in IF.

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