AirTran Jet Connect CRJ-200

AirTran Jet Connect CRJ-200:

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The AirTran Jet Connect Company:

image (IATA: FL, ICAO: TRS) - A Subsidiary of AirTran

AirTran Jet Connect was operated by Air Wisconsin Airlines. They operated 10 CRJ aircraft (All in the -200 Variant) and served 18 destinations. The airline commenced operations in 2002 and ceased them in 2004 after deeming the flights unprofitable with that aircraft and just got rid of the subsidiary and just flew their B737’s and B712’s.


This livery would be an amazing addition to the CRJ Rework Fleet as it represents part of Aviation’s past. Also it would be nice to have another AirTran livery in Infinite Flight! :)

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I hope a few liveries from defunct airlines are added. Don’t particularly like the fuselage colour but the tail is nice. Great request!


I can definitely see this livery being considered. I’m not so pleased with the tail design but looks great

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Yeah… Im not that happy with the tail either… But there was little that they could do but to resize it (Wouldn’t look right)… But it did the job :P

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The problem is that we already have the AirTran livery on the 717.

And… I dont see your point.

A. We dont have a AirTran Jet Connect Aircraft
B. Different Aircraft (We have 2 B712’s).
C. The more the merrier


I think it’s a great livery that we should add after the CRJ rework!

What destinations did they serve?

Not KISP… :/

Check in the Wiki: (Says them all there)

I think this would look very good, especially since we only have ONE livery for the CRJ-200. Once I find out how to remove votes, I’ll vote for this!

Rework has been confirmed for the CRJ Family.

(Dont Bump it)


I looooooved AirTran when it existed. It was all I flew. They were absolutely amazing.

That being said, this is hideous… haha. I would rep it fo sho, because AirTran will always be my #1, but GOD this is ugly. The AirTran livery fit the 717 and 737 beautifully, but this is gross 😂

Anyway, I’d fly it!

Love it, remember seeing these in ATL back in the day.

That doesn’t make any sense? I guess we can’t have any American Eagle CRJs since there’s already a ton of AA planes in the game…smh

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Ok. I get your point. I just wasn’t entirely sure about it, but it is a nice livery, so I’m supporting it!


All good man! Hope this makes it!

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Thanks for the support! :)

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No problem man, freaking love this airline.

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Looks quite sharp imo! Sadly out of vote though 😪😢

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It’s okay! Thanks for the support! :)