AirTran Airways Airbus A320

Source: Airbus A320-232 - AirTran (Ryan International Airlines) | Aviation Photo #0733625 |
Did you know that AirTran used to fly the Airbus A320? They operated the A320 leased from Ryan International Airlines and flew this airplane on new routes on the West Coast before they received their new Boeing 737-700’s.

I think this is an interesting livery if they wish to add more liveries to the Airbus A320.

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Now this is what I’m talking about, the AirTran livery looks fantastic on the 320!


The AirTran livery look so weird on this aircraft. I’m so used to the B737!

This is so nice! I remember when they had these, I believe they had 3 of them and they got them to combat JetBlue when they started service in Atlanta the first time.


Now that the A320 has recently hit the spotlight again, this would be a nice touch to the livery selection, and I would fly it often.


Would be cool to to see this and the JetConnect version!

I want to see this when FDS focuses on more A320 family features!

Voted! This would be a much needed addition to the game.


AirTran felted nostalgic to me

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I ha pd no idea this thread existed, let alone the livery. First time this showed up for me, and I wish I had a vote left! Hopefully this gets implemented soon. We need more AirTran liveries!

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I have never even seen the airTran a320 before. I had only seen the 737s. :)

It was actually operated by Ryan international airlines (not to be confused by Ryanair)

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This would be amazing in game!

This needs a bump!!

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What about the 717?! 😄

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I had no idea AirTran operated one!

Wow, the A320 was used for a little bit and grew AirTran’s portfolio of aircraft.

Actually looks good!