AirTran 717 "Magic" Livery

Hello IFC I would like this to be added in Infinite Flight:

AirTran was founded in 1993 and is no longer in the air. It was bought by Southwest in 2014 and with a fleet of 140, it served 69 destinations (isn’t that a waste???) It was based in Orlando and was part of A+ rewards. It’s slogan is “Go, there’s nothing stopping you” (unless the company doesn’t exist anymore) :)

The Boeing 717 is a short-haul narrow body jet airliner. It can carry up to 134 passengers and a crew of 4 at 438 knots, 37,00 feet and has a range of 2060NM. It is 124 feet long and has a wing-span of 93 feet.

I find this livery beautiful and hope this gets added to IF.
If you would like this, please vote but don’t clog the topic by saying that I have your support but you’re out of votes. Thank you! :)

I am a huge NBA fan so any NBA team livery I see on an aircraft I vote for.So you have my vote

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Ok, thank you!