AirTrack functionality through IF API?

Greetings all,

A few days ago, I got back into using the iOS app AirTrack with my desktop sim. The app is a totally complete EFB, as well as an FMS and EFIS system that can connect through the host app (in this proposal’s case, the IF API). The app is updated with purchased Navigraph access codes.

It occurred to me that maybe by using the AirTrack app and the IF API, LNAV and VNAV functions within IF might be able to be controlled, I.e., waypoints could be entered or taken away (in the case of missing waypoints or misnamed waypoints, could the lat lon data transfer from AT over to IF? Just a thought), crossing restrictions and the like could be adjusted, etc.

Would anyone know how this app might be integrated to work in direct communication via WiFi with IF?

I already contacted the dev at Haversine, the company responsible for AirTrack. The email is attached here. Anyone who is willing to take on such a project, your help is greatly appreciated, and I think the dev at Haversine will be more than willing to work with you on integrating AT with IF. This would be an amazing feature for the app!

Some screenshots of the app on my phone are attached below as well.


IMG_5084 IMG_5085 IMG_5086

Search for “AirTrack” on the AppStore

EFB stands for Electronic Flight Bag. More commonly known as a tablet device (iPad, Microsoft Surface) where charts and procedures are stored instead of a pilot lugging around a 20 pound briefcase full of paper charts.


I will assume this would require some sort of built-in API in Infinite Flight in the same way we have for ForeFlight. Sounds like something for @Cameron to explore maybe if there’s enough interest for it?


Thank you. If anyone wants to take it up, let me know and I can connect folks up!

Do you know what the requirements for calls to the API are? Because I’d be interested in doing this.

This would be fantastic!
Hopefully the devs at FDS can look at integrating this with the sim.

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The AirTrack software is awesome, UI is great. Would be cool to get that compatible with IF!

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Email to get in contact with Haversine to start the talking:

Thank you to all who support this idea! Will be wonderful if we can make it a reality!


This would be great

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