When in training and expert server, sometimes the airspeed is stuck at 21kts if you’re stopped and when you take off with cruise control to keep your plane at a speed the throttle goes crazy just trying to maintain that speed

This is normal for me, so i wouldn’t be afraid of anything happening because of it.

It’s recommended you fly near the wanted airspeed prior to setting it to prevent this.

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Do you know what the winds/weather were like at the time?

  • This usually happens when the winds are gusty/significant because the wind has a big influence on your airspeed indication :)

  • Consequently, your throttle will be going mad/crazy as it is constantly adjusting to keep the airspeed specification you have inputted into the autopilot.

This is when I’m on ground

You can still have an airspeed indication if your parked/not moving if the winds are significant/gusty as the current wind speed takes a part in your airspeed indication.

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