Airspeed vs Groundspeed

How do you stop being restricted to only 350 knts and under. I see a lot of others going much faster PLZ HELP

You are looking at their ground speed. No aircraft should be traveling 350kts IAS/~M.92 at any point in their flight. It’s highly unrealistic and is way too fast.


350 knots is you KIAS. You see others’ ground speed, your ground speed should be much faster than 350 knots too!

If you want to know where you can find your Ground Speed, it’s circled, FYI.

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Enjoy this excellent tutorial

Take a look at this wonderful tutorial created by Brandon. He did an excellent job describing the various terms and speeds you’re in question about.

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Read those tutorials and you’ll understand. Also worth noting that only the fast jets can handle speeds in excess of 350kts.

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