Airspeed restrictions C-130J.

Hello, I am flying into Hurricane Lorenzo as Teal 95 right now, and my flight time is looking very long, I want to reduce it by flying faster, but what are the restrictions for the aircraft? I am asking because I managed to go 300kts under 10000.


I believe all military aircraft don’t speed restrictions. But that being said, doesn’t mean you fly into an active airspace going as fast as you can.


I understand. Thank you! I am flying from LPLA (Lajes) which is a US Air Field in the Azores, and luckily (But unluckily in reality) enough, it is the second closest airport to Hurricane Lorenzo, the other airport being a short 30NM closer.


Military aircraft irl have no speed restriction unless it’s a leisure flight

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Realistic cruise speed for C-130J is 250-300 KIAS.

Normally a C-130 wouldn’t go past 280 KIAS. That’s it’s cruise speed unless it’s an emergency.

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