Airspeed not decreasing?

There was once when I was on final runway 27R EGLL and I wanted to reduce my airspeed from 150 kts to 140 kts to increase my rate of descent to match the glidescope. I was unable to do so even at idle thrust and activating flight spoilers, the airspeed still stayed the same. My aircraft is 777-200ER, I was at flaps full. The only way to reduce my airspeed was to pitch up but that would increase my altitude which I do not want as I don’t want a missed approach or nosedive to kill altitude but that would increase my airspeed tremendously and also that’s a bad approach.

What was your VS?

I have that problem. What was your weight set to

I can’t remember but I’m sure that it wasn’t more than 1000fpm.

It was below MLW.

Do you know which ways the wind was blowing?

Slight crosswind. Definitely not tailwind as the runway was indicated green.

This happens to me if I begin to pushback and slightly increase the throttle before setting the brakes. Apparently it doesn’t actually stop the pushback which bugs the plane into gaining airspeed upon landing.

This is a very odd issue indeed. When I have flown the 772 I have also struggled speed wise but I did find a way to solve the problem. The only issue is that I do not remember the solution. It has been at least 3 months since I last flew the 772. I think I killed altitude tremendously and climed steeply to loose speed and line my self up on the localizer

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The B777 is a very hard aircraft to slow down, you will need to be below the glideslope I guess then if you have such issues so you can pitch up slightly if needed, make use of trim aswell and adjust the flaps setting by lowering it to make you lose a bit of altitude and speed.


I was in the middle of the glidescope.

The 772 was trimmed properly and it was at flaps full.

I’m saying that you can adjust the flaps and lower it, at your speeds it should result in a drop of altitude allowing you space and movement to reduce air speed and put it back to flaps full.


Nope. It’s a general characteristic of the aircraft :)


My mistake sorry.

You wanna be bellow it and intercept it. How far our were you?

Definitely, it’s a slippery plane. You can be in level flight and it still takes a while to slow down


I can’t even slow down. At idle thrust with flaps full, the only way I could think of is pitching up to aoa of 5-10 degrees but that would make me gain altitude which I don’t want.

Or I can nose dive at the same aoa and increase airspeed, which was what I finally did because if I don’t I would have to go around once more (not good for realism). I was at 3000ft when I intercepted the localiser.

How many miles out? And was the gear out?

12.5nm out and no.

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You don’t need to be at 140IAS that far out, no wonder you can’t decrease your speed as you are descending quite a bit still. Do it 4nm out or something.

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