Airspeed/Mach Number Changeover Switch

Hello All.

Majority of all aircraft that have autopilot capabilities are equipped with a IAS/Mach Selector on the AP panel. What this does is allows pilots to set a speed in Mach and IAS, regardless of altitude.
Infinite Flight automatically switches to Mach speed when above FL280, and switches back to AIS when below FL280.
I would like to suggest that Devs implement a selector for this, it could be added into the AP interface and be the same as the APPR NAV’ button

22719110_m (1)
IAS/MACH Number Changeover Switch (Top Button) on the A/P Panel of a Boeing 787.

Would be a Nice thing to have, great request.


I’ll see if I can free a vote. I’d like to be able to set the change for when I hit a certain Mach in climb rather than just at FL280 cause the Mach depends on the temp/pressure etc.