Airspeed indications

Let’s say you wanted to stay below 140 knots on final, you could adjust a little arrow to appear at the selected airspeed, and maybe some sort of callout.
Let me know what you think!
No polls please.


This would definitely come on handy, especially when you are cruising. In real life, they can go 400 knots+ but you are stuck with whatever the game gives you, great topic bud!

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If you like it, like it.

I don’t think i’m ever that low on final until I can smell the runway.

The overspeed warning is meant to tell you what the aircraft limitations are. Manually adjusting this would lose realism (as they can’t adjusted in real life, as far as I know) and be unnecessary (I wouldn’t want to adjust the overspeed warning to 130 knots on short final).

Maybe some sort of indicator instead? Like if you set a certain speed in the AP, without enabling it, it would show an icon similar to the pink arrow on the PFD in real life?


That’s based on my personal approach speed in the 737-800 with flaps 40° and on five mile final.

I guess that’s true but you gotta admit, they put it really low if you are cruising, I mean if they are trying to make the sim more realistic, you gotta make the warning go higher, at least to 430 or something like that when you are cruising to get the true speed of a plane that you would in real life. Anyways those are my thoughts

Actually, It’d be great if the ticker tape showed up on both ends of the spectrum. Close to stall, and overspeed.



The cruise speed limitations aren’t finalized. They still have some work to do regarding speed limitations and such. As Laura mentioned in the live podcast, they will most likely remove the GS restriction due to winds aloft in global flight.

True, but I manually adjusting it is a no no for me. They should be realistic. I would actually love to see the overspeed adjust with the flaps, though.


Here you go @Henrik

I don’t really want manual adjust except for perhaps in casual or solo. As far as overspeed goes i’d like to see individual speeds that match each aircraft.

Main example is the CCX, which has a max cruise of M.94 but is currently throttled down to M.87 in TS, Expert servers.

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Why not make a request for it?

Yeah, I’m pretty sure the ultimate goal is to have accurate speed limitations and stall speeds for each aircraft. Infinite Flight has a large fleet with a variety of different aircraft, so finding correct data for all them is a difficult task.

If someone is interested on the dev side, i’d be glad to help with this endeavour. Feel free to DM me about it.