Airspeed Indication Problem

Hello, I’m kinda new to Infinite Flight, I just took off from Helsinki Vantaa Airport, and the speed indicator on the HUD going up and down rapidly, although I have an stabil engine power, is it a glitch or a bug. Thanks for the help, have a good day.

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Do you have a gusting wind or turbulence - that will cause the speed indicator to fluctuate

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I just checked the metar and the winds are 030’ at 13kts varying between 350’ and 060’ - so no gusting is present.

And there seems to be no turbulence present around the Helsinki area.

What plane are you in?

It’s turbulence most likely. Look at your wind parameters. Kts is probably jumping a bit.

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Probably turbulence, but the variable winds could also cause this. Nothing to worry about though!

What is your altitude? Remember, the metar could have been up to an hour ago. If you are in the air, the wind will be different to what it is on the ground. Also, do you have autothrottle/autothrust on?

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Around 1000-3000 ft, shortly after take off, autothrottle is on.

Alright Thank you

I have the vids for you guys to analyse, but i don’t know how to post it.

A330-300, Scandinavian Airlines

Upload a clip via YouTube or share the entire replay via

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