Airspeed during cruising

Talking about airspeed, is the airspeed shown in the game based on KTAS or KIAS (like a normal real life aircraft) during cruising? Because currently when I’m cruising around FL250-FL330, the speed I see on the game is more than 400 knots (on a B77W). If it’s KIAS, I would then be flying at around more than 650 knots true airspeed!

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are you talking about the HUD or on the ‘menu’ bar along the bottom? the HUD should be in KIAS, whilst the ‘menu’ bar (forgotten correct name for it!) can be selected for either or even both speeds!

After looking at the gameplay once more, I realised that there was a GS (I think it’s ground speed?) and mach speed below the airspeed indicator. So the airspeed indicator should be displaying KIAS like any other planes in real life.