Airspeed building whilst descending

Last sunday i was flying from dubai to tokyo on expert server emirates b777 as i was descending i reduced my speed to 240 kts it went to 240 but as i reached 10000 below my speed increased to 270 kts after that i got ghosted what could’ve caused this? Tailwinds?

  • Descending too quickly
  • Larger planes take more to slow down
  • Try deploying spoilers while descending to help from gaining speed.

Some planes are worse than others at gaining speed. The MD/DC planes were pretty hard to slow down when they first came out. Most people will descend and level off at 11k to slow down more and then descend below 10k more slowly.


I find the 777 is particularly fond of speeding up at lower altitudes on even quite a shallow descent. You just need to start coming down a lot further out from your destination than you would in a smaller plane, and keep a very close eye on things. If you’re speeding up then go level for a bit until you’re well under 250, or if all else fails put out the flight spoilers. You can get more control of your acceleration once closer to the airport and it’s time to move to flaps.

Don’t rely on the autopilot speed setting, or else you’ll quickly pick up violations.

Bear in mind it is your airspeed you’re worried about rather than ground speed, so tailwinds aren’t really a factor.


A tip for descending, whether in any plane you are in is to keep your eye closely on your speed. It can jump at any moment and you don’t have much time to correct it. I would slow down to around M 0.7 - M 0.75 and when I get below FL280, I would slow down to around 240 kts.

When I reach 12,000ft, I would slow down to 220-230kts just in case if my speed were to jump like what happened to you. Then I would continue descending.

Descending is a crucial part in flying, so I recommend you keep your device next to you at all time during your descent.

Thank you everyone will try

Extract the spoilers at 12000 feet until you are on final. then set it to armed. it will consume extra fuel but will save you from violation.

Physically reduced your speed or reduced the autopilot set point to 240kts?

So you only set the Autopilot instead of actually piloting the plane.

No tailwinds do not affect the indicated airspeed of an aircraft.

Fly the plane and turn of the autopilot. If you never learn to fly the machine you will again, and again run into these problems.

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The 2 most likely causes for that is…

  1. Your VS descending was too high. I useually descend at about 1600. And because the air is thicker at 10,000ft than at 35,000ft youre more likely to increase speed at a lower level.

  2. Maybe because of tailwinds. It is important to check your winds taking off, ascending, descending and landing. It all depends on what the wind was heading. If it was heading the same direction of your plane then you were likely to increase speed

Reduce your v/s at 1.000 fpm when you are at 11.500 ft. more or less (15% before 10.000ft), reduce the throttle to idle, and use the flight spoilers. 777 its very hard to reduce the airspeed.
You shoudn’t have any problems.

Your responsible for your aircrafts speed a bit if reward planning will sort this issue out instead of waiting for the atc to give a command and you jump to it take the time to slow things down the controller has all the information in front of him /her all we as controllers request is we can see you following the instructions given quickly that way as a controller I can see your alt and distance to destination ,I can’t speak for all controllers but I would anticipate this and give you a speed restriction at FL120 OF DO NOT EXCEED 200KTS until safely below 10000 then you will be given the command to resume speed at own discretion it then from as controllers perspective down to you if you speed and are ghosted …

however at busy times such luxuries are not always available largely due to other users being inpatient and spamming the frequency.

Frequency spamming. And being inpatient on either training or expert server will hopefully soon be enforced across the board

This is absolutely true!

I usually descend and level off to FL12 because as you said, the airspeed builds up as you descend and there’s no warning to show you that you’re going to get a violation. It’s my way of preventing overspeed violations :)

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It is true many times on approach into EGBB I’m set up at 170 30secs later she has increased to 190 + many times in my early days many years ago i had a ton of missed approaches but as said above turn off the computers and fly that bird properly only then can you understand the systems and most importantly when NOT to use them

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When I control I try my best to cover you guys from violations but as we all know 70% of air traffic on the training server do not listen to atc instructions

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