Airspace Suggestion New Update


Since the new update will bring airspace boundaries, it would be cool watching IF pilots to respect those boundaries as in real life… It would be great that IF adds violations if we enter airspace’s without reporting etc etc. and to add an ATC at non-control airports on IF to request transitions… that way is more realistic to pass one airspace to another! and respecting the airspaces altitudes etc etc.


I do not think now is the best time to be making suggestions about something that has just been announced. As with any changes to procedure, an appropriate way to enforce realism (not perfection) will be produced and enforced by IFATC on the Expert Server. For now, we should wait and see what guidelines are handed to IFATC and pilots.

Addressing your suggestion itself, I do not think violations of that nature should be introduced — or at least not in your suggested form. Violations for not following ATC instructions will always be a thing, however, you haven’t considered the absence of a controller. Another issue is whether or not the controller is present at their device. Many long-haul flights (by virtue of their distance, flights that lead to the most airspace crossings) are not attended by pilots once at cruise. I myself, on short-haul and medium-haul flights even, do not closely watch my device at cruise. This would create problems your feature request has not considered. Furthermore, the enforcement of realism versus the forcing of unreasonable perfection must be considered.



Feels wrong on so many levels so I am with you straight up. 👍 @patrickv

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