Airspace status of expert server not showing.

That’s all I get

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It might be like this because of all the servers being overloaded.

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It’s possible. I’ve noticed IF in general very laggy and glitchy since the update. I’m assuming it’s just the congestion


Same here idk what to do

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I think it’s because Laura is flying out of a region so the page couldn’t qualify Laura as being in a region, that’s why it somehow “blocks” the system.

Same here… but we’re still able to fly

Yeah, it’s just inconvenient

Seems like it’s working now. :)

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I’m having the same problem again and the servers aren’t overloaded this time.

Laura is flying global, that’s why


MaxSez… Actually “They” are hiding the low count of manned Expert ATC positions. Smoke and mirrors is the name of the game.

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You cynical old hound lol!

It’s summer where most of our controllers are - People are on vacation and enjoying the pleasant weather.

I’d be worried if our controllers were choosing a phone / tablet screen over getting out and doing something.

@Stephen_Smith… MaxSez: I just love the humanitarian approach. You know what they say about excuses? Loyalty before pleasure. The next excuse, “School Pressure”. Give me a brake!

I so want you to be on an episode of Flightcast!

I think you could teach our young bucks a few things. Would you be up for it?

MaxSez: @Stephen_Smith… Regrets… Notoriety is an albatross around one neck. It’s better if the say; “Who is that Masked Man”! LOL

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