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Hey guys… with the new update I don’t see how can I see my airspace info like with the old version… example: I tap the airspace’s and I’m not able to see the altitude of it… like surface and top altitude etc etc

Is there a specific reason you need the surface/ceiling altitudes?

It’s crucial for navigating between airspaces… and I was able to see it before the act. Did IF remove it ?

I believe it was removed in 19.4, yes. However, I don’t see much of a problem as the only thing pilots really need to know is when to contact certain ATC frequencies (which can be seen in the following image).



Oh okay. I was just asking because I didn’t know if it was removed… thank you for the info bud

How does ATC know what altitude aircraft can transition now?

We’ve used standard methods of calculating transition altitudes (airport elevation + jet pattern altitude + minimum vertical separation) in the past. The removal of the airspace labels should not affect transition altitudes in any way. :)

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Because airspace as depicted in IF is irrelevant. Airspace for all airports in IF is just 5x5. 5,000ft AAL and 5nm radius.

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