Airspace info on Training Server?

Would it be possible to show airspace information beyond just FIR/UIR on the Training Server?

I would really like to get familiarized before I get to the Expert Server.

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What do you mean by airspace info?

I would like to be able to click on each airspace area and see the details - type, alritude range duration, etc.

That would give me the chance to practice observing them before moving up to the Expert Server and having to learn them once there.

If I’m understanding correctly, then what you’re looking for doesn’t exist on the Expert Server either. Here’s a quick summary though (let me know if I’m misunderstanding):

Tower: 5000ft AAL within the innermost circle around the airport. Tower can also on guard you if you’re within 25 miles of the field AND 10000 or less ft AAL

Approach/Departure: airspace extends 50 miles from the field and 18000ft AAL

Center: Within the highlighted white boundary between FL180 and FL600. Center can also on guard you under FL180 if approach/departure isn’t active

Hmm. I remember reading in the User Guide to check airspaces and TFRs… That’s all abstracted, then?

There are lots of ‘other’ airspaces marked out… Rectangular areas, and other special extensions etc. No way to click on them and see why they’re defined?

I just saw the “In Depth Airspace” feature request and I think I understand… Airspace markings are drawn per AIRAC but they aren’t really active, even on Expert?

Basically yes. At least for the time being, ATC aren’t expected to follow all IRL airspaces and we go by the general rules listed in the manual. However, it’s strongly encouraged to use real world procedures (think SIDS, STARS, and runway configuration) when doing so is reasonable.

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Yeah, in my opinion we should have to though.

I voted for the feature request “in depth airspace”, put your vote as well and we’ll see what kind of priority it gets. I can understand if it takes a while, it’s a lot of additional behavior to add.

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