Airspace: EUR v. N. America

Why is it that EUROPEAN airspaces look like a 5-year-old drew many of the airspaces around the airports…

While in North America they seem pretty cookie-cutter and at least a majority symmetrical.

What caused these differences and why wouldn’t any effort be put in to clean it up? Is there a major reason for this?


They are administered by different group, also there is a ton more countries and natural features in Europe, I don’t see a more reason why, they just have different “features”

IF airspaces are also based off of real world data, so what you see here is how thing are like in real life in Europe. It’s just different continents have different “features,” so to speak.


By features - what do you mean? Elevation change, cities, etc?

Yes, having 30 different countries means different protocols etc.
Also europe’s has a lot of diverse mountains and such.

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I assumed this was true - I just wasn’t sure why this was the case.

Yeah - I see that as opposed to the relatively flat elevation in N. Amer.

Also I forgot to mention that Europe uses a different atc radio frequency, causing thier tower airspace to be moved around cities and natural mountains, making this “drawn like a kid” ascetic of European Coverage Zones.

This is an joint EUROCONTROL and FAA Published airticle just about that:


Ahh - very helpful - thanks!

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Under subsection 1.2.1 paragraph 14 sentence 1 it states:

“Global comparisons and benchmarking requires common definitions and understanding. Hence the work in this report draws from commonly accepted elements of previous work from ICAO, the FAA, EUROCONTROL and CANSO“

Underneath should have info over the respective frequency disruption.


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