Airspace Colours

Hi all, loving the update!

Forgive me if this is a prexisting topic but I can’t find it anywhere.

I know that the airspaces with white boundaries are FIR’s but I have seen the purple ones everywhere and can’t work out what they mean. Any help appreciated :)

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They are airspace boundaries for individual airports


That’s what I originally thought but then I realised that a lot of them don’t have airports inside of them, and airports also have those smaller grey line boundaries

They should all have airports inside them since they represent airspaces. Many of them may be uncontrolled…Try zooming in with the map to see more of them?

Yeah, I was just down in Fuerteventura and it’s got quite a large one but the airport is a fair way away from it

They are airports’ airspaces, and with the update, they got a little refresh.

Blue - Class Bravo
Magenta/Purple - Class Charlie
Grey - Class Delta


Thank you! 👌

Yep, just as @Thunderbolt said, the different colors define different airspaces, and sometimes they’ll be shaped very oddly.

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