Airspace class restrictions

Now that centre (FIR) has been introduced for some time, the utilisation of having different classed airspace with restrictions could be better for controllers (ES specifically).

Controlled airspace would allow for GA aircraft to have more freedom without the worry of ATC (except for CTAF / local freq).

Here is an example.

Example 1

See picture below!
Red circle: Redcliffe Airport (YRED if you wanna check it out)
Brisbane Airport: South of Redcliffe (YBBN)
Purple circle: Training area / an area to fly (IF words)

Currently as a pilot i fly from Redcliffe aeroclub to bribie island to conduct VFR flights and training. To get to the area i pass another airport, make a radio call and keep flying. No contact with Brisbane tower, approach, departure or centre.
On the picture above you will see light blue rings around Brisbane (with C LL ####) this means if you’re at or above that altitude, you’re in Brisbane’s airspace. This means you need to check in with Brisbane centre etc.
If you’re below that altitude, just fly making radio calls… see and avoid. No contact with Centre.

Class airspace picture

Now, how could this help, what’s there to benefit out of this?

  • Reduced ATC stress, load and on guards.
  • More GA activities could happen with VO’s
  • More features (cleared direct to ####)


  • Would most likely be an ES feature
  • Could be hard for younger IF audience to understand
  • Could take a while to implement in global?
  • Could be hard to implement a future commands.

There would also be many adult users who wouldn’t understand! :)

I do agree that a lot of people wouldn’t understand, and also rules vary in different countries. All ATC procedures in IF are currently based off of the FAA in the US, but if people are already familiar with the rules in their country, it might get confusing trying to learn the US system.

I would love this feature, as it would make general aviation flying so much more realistic. I think I’m out of votes (as always).


I think what you’re saying is that airspaces should have realistic vertical limits (we currently have realistic lateral limits in IF).

No offense to anybody, but as a real-world pilot, I’ve seen more than just a few other real-world pilots get confused over the various types of Class Echo airspace in the US (just one of many examples), and I can’t even begin to think about other countries’ classifications.

I do agree that this would make (especially) GA flying realistic. But we’ll also need some intensive ground school along with it. Airspace is a bit of a tricky thing. It’s easier to remember one set of rules for the whole game than get into country-by-country regulations.


I see what your trying to say here, it’s a good idea but as @InfiniteFlightDeck says rules vary all over the world.

Maybe vote for your own feature request though!