Airspace boundary line drawn across half the globe

For some reason, there is a random line, classified as a airspace boundary, that is drawn on the globe, near the equator. Seems like something is up.

Not sure if this has anything to do with crashes.

I’ve seen that before,
I don’t think it does anything to crashes but it’s a random line

I highly, highly doubt that has anything to due with it, however the issue should have been addressed with the hotfix that was pushed out today.

As you can see, there’s actually quite a few random lines throughout the map along with FIR airspace’s that aren’t aligned perfectly. This is a known issue that came in with the new data set. Cameron is aware of these issues and they should be fixed in an upcoming Navigation Update.

As @Zachary said, these lines most likely don’t have anything to do with the crashes occurring. Hope you’re enjoying the update!

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There are a few lines not are just there for no reason (like literally going halfway across the globe)

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