Airspace altitudes

Is anyone else having trouble locating the airspace altitudes used by ATC to approve or deny transitions? In the old update, it would pop up in the top left corner of the map. With the new update, I can’t seem to figure this out. Thanks in advanced guys!

Yeah I am having trouble too. Not sure where it went.

These altitudes have been removed. I believe Tyler said that the airspace system was going to be reworked.


What A shame I cannot find tradition altitudes anymore

I think it is better that the airspace altitude is gone, because most people do not know how to use it.

Some people use it. It is being reworked currently. Airspace altitudes are very important especially when permitting a transition.

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In the time being, I’ll follow real life documents. So for WSSS as stated in my thread “Sorry for the poor ATC”, it’s 11,000ft ;)

Im not an advanced ATC but I have heard the advanced ATC team have been told do approve transitions at or above 5,000

False. It’s at and below 5,000ft AGL.

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Problem is there is no such command. It’s always said as 5000 or above, now what can we even do?

MaxSez: Although this is a redundant topic it re-identifies a flaw or oversight in the revised chart it is a necessary reminder. Unlike the format of the old chart the new charts “info” block is the ideal location to list this crucial planning data. Additionally, a field diagram identifying taxiways would be a helpful addition in the location cited.

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@D_Gee. @Henrik_B… MaxSez: Under the old chart system 026AGL was routinely published/ establish as the lowest ceiling at 90% of the class “B” airports in the IF “arbitrary” Nav system. When flying my D I consider a set Tranition height of 050AGL aa rumored a “Stretch”. 026 works for me. That’s a Safty of flight margin of 1100’ +/- above most established pattern heights in the “free” world. Let’s see what’s finally publish folk before we agree to disagree.