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I noticed in 20.1.* that the airspace activity table seems to take longer to update than it used to - I guess that there is some kind of cache to stop users from abusing the refresh button etc?

Anyhow it has become a regular occurrence since the 20.0.0 update where I’ll be sat on a frequency with no traffic and see a frequency become available at a busier airport, but when I go to the airspace activity table it takes forever for it to actually update and by the time I can see that the frequency is available, someone else has jumped on the frequency anyway and then it takes a while for it to show as active again on the airspace table. Very frustrating…


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If you are referring to the ATC operations number, yes, that does take longer to update. A simple restart of IF will refresh your count and bring it to the current total.

Airspace Activity Table:

Oh. I’m pretty sure a restart should still fix it though. It’s unfortunate that 20.1 had to slow down the refresh time, but our devices can only handle so much.

A restart doesn’t seem to fix it for me.

I have to assume it is a server-side cache to reduce the load on the server which was always a slight inconvenience although understandable, but now since the update it seems to take much longer and is very annoying.

I regularly go to open a frequency which is meant to be closed but I end up on observation because it was actually open already.

In fact, in the screenshot above, KSFO Ground and Tower looked closed but was intact open.

It’s may be because some people are “sniping” the frequency quicker than you are; and because the number of users has increased after the update, it appears that the table is not refreshing as quickly as it used to. I remember you couldn’t leave any KLAX frequency on the Training Server without a controller for longer than 30 seconds, and I am sure this is still the case at even more airports like the aforementioned KSFO. I personally have not noticed an increase in the refresh times for the Airspace Acitivty Table when controlling on the Expert Server; the refresh icon on the table seems to work just like before the 20.1 update.

This is of course the case, but my issue here is to do with the fact that the table is cached and it is hard to tell whether someone is on the frequency already or not. It was hard before 20.1 and now it’s harder because the caching seems longer. Either way there is definitely some caching somewhere, or the table is not in real-time and the interval of the changes getting pushed out has been increased.

Perhaps the thread requires a dev to comment.

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