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image AirSmall is a VirtualAirliner that operates in Infinite Flight. The airline was established in March 24th, 2015. We fly to over 317 destinations around the globe and consist of 1,759 aircraft in our fleet. Our hubs include; Orlando, San Juan, LasVegas, LosAngeles, SanDiego, San Francisco, Phoenix, Dallas-FortWorth, Dallas-Love Field, Jacksonville, John F Kennedy (NewYork), Houston-Hobby,San Antonio, Charles De Gaulle, London-Heathrow, and Amsterdam. Besides commercial aviation, AirSmall also has AirSmallCargo to help deliver your cargo on time, we also have our own connection subsidiary as AirSmallRegional. The CEO of AirSmall is Kevin Soto and the COO of AirSmall is Nate Schneller. Our CIO is Dylan (WardellStephenCurry, our CFO is Michael Gonzalez and Madison Junior is our event manager. We do have rankings for pilots which consist of: Trainee, Junior First Officer, First Officer, Senior First Officer, Captain, Senior Captain. Our airline is unique for a reason, our pilots are on of the most professional pilots out of all the VA’s. Our airline will provide training for our newer pilots that can get into the ranks really quick. If more information is wish to be known about AirSmallVirtual logon to AirSmall Is now also a proud member of the BlueWings Alliance as of April 9th, 2018. AirSmall and BlueWings will try to strive to the top as both are very popular throughout the community. Together we will continue to grow and make the airline a better place. And as always, “Small Just Got A Whole Lot Bigger!”

Our Alliance


AirSmall is now part of the leading alliance in infinite flight, BlueWings! We have considered BlueWings because of it’s size and popularity. We hope to become a great leader in BlueWings and rise to the top together…

Check out BlueWings at:

Where We Fly

Our Hubs

image * Orlando
image * San Juan

* LasVegas
* LosAngeles
image* SanDiego
image * San Francisco
Phoenix * Phoenix
* Dallas-FortWorth
image * Dallas-Love Field
att-uverse-jacksonville * Jacksonville
image * John F Kennedy (NewYork)
* Houston-Hobby
icon-san-antonio * San Antonio
* Charles De Gaulle
* London-Heathrow
img-dam-intro * Amsterdam

Check out our routes/destinations on our website:

Aircraft We Operate

Our Fleet

Take a look at our many aircraft we operate currently:

Our Staff



@Kevinsoto1502 CEO, Founder

@Nate_Schneller COO, Photographic/Video Editor

@Devaughn_Monroe35 CIO, Route Assistant Manager

@Michael_Gonzalez CFO, Website assistant manager

@Madison_Traore Event Manager,

Ranking System

Our Ranking System

imageTrainee: 0-10 Hours of Flight

imageJunior Flight Officer: 10-300 Hours of Flight

imageFirst Officer: 300-550 Hours of Flight

imageSenior First Officer: 550-700 Hours of Flight

imageCaptain: 700-900 Hours of Flight

imageSenior Captain: 900hrs +

Also the AirSmallRewards program. Check out our rewards on our rewards page:


Accepting Pilot’s Today


AirSmall is now hiring pilots. The AirSmallVirtual roster will just keep getting bigger and bigger. We are willing to accept all pilot who qualify with are rules into the airline. Please take consideration we do have rules and we do require you to have Infinite Flight Pro and at least Grade 3 for entry into expert server. Ranks and detailed information will be given in the application! Can’t wait to see you flying AirSmall, see you very soon…

SmallVirtual Application



Go check out our cargo part of the airline on the page:



Go check out our regional part of the airline on our page:


Coming soon to AirSmallVirtual is our very own pilot interaction center. AirSmall’s Virtual Lounge will feature many thing’s like, PIREP filing, Pilot Information, Route selector, Aircraft selector, AirSmall flight tracker, and many more wonderful things coming very soon. Stay tuned for the next update as SmallLounge is just around the corner!


image Find Us On

Our Website
Our Infinite Flight Community Topic (Already Here)
AirSmall 1314 Arriving @ MCO during FNF

Contact CEO - Kevin Soto at: or simply go to our website and fill out the contact us form
Contact Us Today

AirSmall App - Coming Soon

From the AirSmallVirtual crew, we would like to thank all of you for viewing our thread. If you have any questions or concerns, please comment below your name and we will get back to you as soon as possible!

NOTAM: AirSmallVirtual has accepted its 10th newest member and is now at 14 pilots and counting! Keep filing those applications…


✔︎ We are IFVARB approved.


Well done to everyone at AirSmall. Great to see it on the IFC now. Made many positive memories at my time back there…wishing you guys the best.


Thank @MisterButler you were a great help and now it’s time for a little competition haha just kidding. But it’s great to see you here many memories have passed through my mind as well ;)


Looking very nice! I have to say the thread and the images chosen is top notch


Thank you very much for the compliments! Feel free to look at our website :)

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Very nicely done guys!! You guys have a HUGE fleet and destination range!!


But to be honest I think your requirement of 3 flights a week is VERY unrealistic as many people have other things to do. Maybe make the requirment less and you’d have more pilots!


I mean 3 flights a week could be on saturday just two short flights ;)

Yes it is!!! Congrats to all of us :)

Are you based off a real world airline? That’s a very big fleet considering Emirate’s fleet is 244 aircraft strong with 262 more aircraft on order!

Also 300 hours to get First Captain! I dont think anybody is going to want to or be able to commit anywhere near 300+ hours to a single VA! And 900 hours for senior captain is just seriously large!

What a great looking VA. I just applied! So many destinations and I like how you can do cargo flights instead of just always being passenger-based. I have a question though, do you use Slack to communicate? Like IFATC do I mean.

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No we are not based of a real world airliner. And thank you for your opinion as some VA’s like to have large hours for there ranks since they are huge!

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Perfect! And yes we do use slack :)

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Congratulations @Kevinsoto1502


I agree with your opinion on those numbers of hours being pretty high. But it means once you do get it, it will feel a whole lot better! You will feel so much happier and satisfied. Also, you will get a huge amount more respect from other members of the community because they will recognise your commitment to the airline. That’s how I see it anyway :)

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Correct just check out our roster and crew members hours on the page and there commitment to the airline. :)

Thank you very much! :)

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Good luck to you from Korean Air Virtual!!!

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Thank you Korean Virtual! Appreciate it :)

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Sorry one final question… are we notified via email whether we’re accepted or not?

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